Raleigh County Family Law & Personal Injury Lawyer

Local Personal Injury Litigation and Family Lawyer in Beckley, WV

For a Raleigh County family law and personal injury lawyer, contact The Law Office of Todd A. Kirby, L.C. Our office in Beckley, WV proudly serves area residents. We feel especially welcome at the county courthouse when we have to file paperwork.

  • We assist clients who need help with divorce in Lester, working out custody and support agreements.
  • Clients in Beckley know to contact us for assistance with serious work injuries.
  • We file personal injury claims so clients can hold negligent property owners accountable when they cause a negligent injury.

Residents throughout Raleigh County can count on our lawyer for family law services. Some of these family law issues for which we can represent you include adoption, alimony, and modifications of current family law decisions.

Family Lawyer Serving Residents of Mabscott, WV

Mabscott, WV residents can call The Law Office of Todd A. Kirby, L.C. to handle family law matters. Family law can include anything from divorce and adoption to child custody and alimony. Families throughout Mabscott and Raleigh County can always count on our lawyer to fight for their rights in court. We work hard to get the best results for everyone involved. Give our law office a call today for more information about upholding your rights.

Call for Personal Injury Litigation in Sophia, WV

When Sophia, WV, residents suffer needless injuries due to the negligence of another, they can seek to recover damages from the negligent party. Whether the injury occurred due to the careless operation of a car, truck, or motorcycle, or the injury happened due to the failure of your employer to follow laws and regulations, anyone injured in an accident can hold those parties accountable. While accidents happen, The Law Office of Todd A. Kirby, L.C.. holdsnegligent people accountable and get injured clients the compensation they deserve.

Contact The Law Office of Todd A. Kirby, L.C. for a Raleigh County family law and personal injury lawyer.