Coal Mining Accidents in WV

Mining accidents occur even with MSHA regulations in place. Some operators continue to circumvent or violate safety laws, making mining one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. If you have been injured, or if your loved one died while working in a coal mine or other mining enterprise in West Virginia, you are entitled to certain workers’ compensation benefits and other recoveries.

This compensation is recoverable once deliberate intent is proven under West Virginia law, Section 23-4-2. There may also be damages awarded through third-party companies, such as equipment manufacturers and subcontractors that may have contributed to the injury or death. Seeking full and fair compensation from third parties for additional damages will not have an effect on workers’ compensation benefits.

Consult with an experienced trial lawyer at The Law Office of Todd A. Kirby, L.C. We help injured miners and their family members seek compensation for life-changing loss claims associated with:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning and other noxious or toxic fumes
  • Cave-ins, collapsed walls and roofs
  • Explosions and burns
  • Falls and crushes
  • Injuries from conveyors and other equipment failures or safety deficiencies
  • Truck and vehicle accidents.

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