Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if I Really Need an Attorney?

Check out our frequently asked questions at The Law Office of Todd A. Kirby, L.C. The best way to know you need a lawyer is when you have been charged with a crime, or see that you may be heading toward divorce. These are fairly obvious times when you know you must appear in court, and having an attorney to protect your legal rights is important. You may find you need someone who can fight for you, especially if you or a loved one find yourself in a situation where your voice is not being heard. Most court cases and legal proceedings can be time-consuming and complicated. The Law Office of Todd A. Kirby, L.C. will prepare, present, and execute your case in a way that provides you with the best opportunity to get you the results you seek.

When Should I Hire an Attorney?

Consult with an attorney when you have been served with legal papers or as soon as you decide to take legal action. Even if you are not completely certain where your case may stand, consulting with an attorney may help put your mind at ease. This can be especially important with accidents or personal injury cases. It is best to retain legal counsel timely, so that you may take advantage of the strict time requirements that accompany every case.

What Should I Bring with Me for the Initial Consultation?

When meeting for the first time, it is best to bring any important documentation, such as photos, legal documents, letters, notices, or any other evidence that is relevant to your case. It is helpful for you to document every detail of your case, no matter how trivial it may seem—contacts, such as phone calls or visitors, may be needed as an important step in moving your case forward. For a more detailed list that would pertain to your specific case, be sure to contact our office before the meeting.

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